Designed with Dirty Jobs in Mind

When you encounter a particularly smelly situation, you want a quick solution—something you can pull out of your pocket and stick up your nose posthaste. Why would anyone want to fumble about with a tricky device when you want to shield yourself from that rancid smell right now?! That’s why Death Plugs are designed intelligently with the experiences of many dirty jobs in mind. Our nasal plugs were created to fulfill one purpose, and that’s to make a variety of jobs easier. They do so with ease and simplicity so you can get back to what matters: doing your job right.

who uses death plugs?


You may have noticed a slight glimmer in our Filter Foam—those are flecks of activated charcoal, or activated carbon: a highly porous, natural material known for its detoxifying and filtration abilities. Activated charcoal is simply carbon that has been processed to form many small pores, enabling adsorption (when atoms and molecules stick to a surface) and effectively trapping toxins in the air. Activated charcoal is often used in home air filters.

Despite the alleviating abilities of activated charcoal, we do not claim that Filter Foam has any medicinal benefits. Death Plugs are designed for the nasal cavity only and do not filter any hazardous materials. They are single use only and are intended to mask unpleasant odors. Do not use this product if you have allergies to foam products; consult your physician. Keep out of reach of children.


Death Plugs can aid in several unpleasant job scenarios. Try them today!